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Odds and Ends by Lori R. Lopez - E-Book

An assortment of the weird and wonderfully grim are displayed for your
fear and amusement.  Whether you like quiet horror, humorous horror,
stark horror, monstrous in-your-face horror, you’ll find what scares you
here.  Twenty-six diverse tales and clusters of flash stories or
drabbles fit together between dark poems and brief witfully pithy essays
on women writing Horror like pieces of a macabre jigsaw puzzle devised
by a single madwoman, Lori R. Lopez.

Among the ODDS AND ENDS . . . a devilish Jack-In-The-Box helps a young
woman get even.  Two little girls face-off in “Nemeses”.  A very old
baby is released from its jar at a museum in “Jar Baby”. Spaghetti comes
to life in “Bloodwyrm”.  A trainride takes one fellow on a harrowing
journey toward “Fate”.  A man and woman are reunited by the same curse
that tore them apart in “The Fruit Of Thy Womb”.  A weakling finds a
dreadful “Cereal Box Surprise” at the bottom of the package.  Ladies
play a lethal hand of cards in “Mindless”.  A couple wakes up to
discover an enormous cobweb filling the house in “Spider Soup”.  Falling
asleep could end the world in “Awake”, while painting portraits takes a
nightmarish turn for an artist in “Deathbed”.  A girl watches her
friends disappear on a darkly sinister beach at “The Vanishing Point”,
and much much more.

Odds and Ends by Lori R. Lopez