Leery Lane by Lori R. Lopez - E-Book


A young woman is confronted by the ghosts of her demons when she must
return to Leery Lane, the dead-end where she lost an important piece in
the puzzle of her past.  She and her sibling haven’t spoken in two
decades, since that terrible Halloween when Frieda borrowed something
that belonged to Francine without permission.  She feels that she needs
to remember what it was and find the object of contention, somewhere in
a row of decrepit Victorians, to repair the rift between sisters.  But
some secrets are better left buried.  A witty blend of Gothic Horror,
Humor, Supernatural and Mystery, Leery Lane is a ghost story to curl up
with and savor.  Take a walk you won’t be able to forget on the creepy
side of town . . .

Leery Lane by Lori R. Lopez


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