Ghost Heart by John Palisano - E-Book

Live fast, die young, and leave a bloodthirsty corpse...


...That’s the saying of a new pack of fiendish predators infesting a New England town. They’re infected with the Ghost Heart, a condition that causes them to become irresistible and invincible…as long as they drink the blood of the living. But these vampires don’t live forever, and as the Ghost Heart claims them, their skin loses color and their hearts turn pale. When a young mechanic is seduced by the pack’s muse, he finds falling in love will break more than his heart.


“Possessing a firm grasp of tradition but with his vision clearly focused on the future, John Palisano is exactly the type of writer horror needs right now: bold, brave, imaginative and unflinching.”—Bentley Little


“John Palisano’s GHOST HEART is a gritty, action-packed novel with strong characterization and some truly nasty vampires. Highly recommended!”—Tim Waggoner, author of Eat the Night and The Way of All Flesh


“GHOST HEART is a hauntingly beautiful, equally tragic and terrifying journey through your innermost fears and desires.”—Kya Aliana, author of The Vampiress Thrillogy

Ghost Heart by John Palisano


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