Locke & Key Episode 2: Trapper/Keeper - Review (Spoilers)

Episode two titled, "Trapper/Keeper", begins in the kitchen of Key House with Bode examining various sketches he has drawn of the magical keys and the echo woman in the well, as well as a covert mission plan to recover the "anywhere" key.

When asked by Kinsey if she remembers anything about the mirror from the night before, it is clear that Nina has no recollection of the effects of the magical key and entering the "Prison of the Self". Kinsey suggest that perhaps hallucinations caused by mold are the real reason behind the strange occurrence, before Bode insinuates that the real reason she does not remember is because she is a grown-up and that "only kids can get into Narnia."

Bode leads Kinsey to a different mirror and once again inserts the mirror key which reveals her evil-looking reflection staring back at her. As her gaze becomes more fixed, Tyler comes downstairs and is able to shake her out of it before she enters the prison. Tyler begins to interrogate Bode about the keys, and after learning about Bode losing the anywhere key he decides to take possession of the mirror key himself.

While leaving for school Kinsey asks Tyler what it was like inside the mirror, and after he describes it as a "fun house from hell" he pleads with her to stay silent about what happened to avoid getting hassled further by the locals.

We then join Bode upstairs wielding a light-up sword and G.I. Joe doll in search of the echo woman, and some of the imagery they used definitely feels like another reference to The Shining. Bode's collared shirt is very similar to the one wore by Jack Torrance, and if you look closely at the right moment, Bode's G.I. Joe almost appears to be an axe.

Eventually Bode hears more whispering coming from somewhere in the house, and after investigating further he locates another magical key hidden within the vacuum cleaner - this one featuring a person's face and brain.

With Bode distracted and the other kids in school, Nina begins to do some work around the house until a woman named Ellie Whedon (Sherry Saum) arrives with a house warming gift and explains that her son has been helping take care of the grounds around the house. Ellie mentions that she had actually gone to school with Rendell Locke, and Nina recognizes her as one of the people in the photograph she found in a box of Rendell's things. Ellie explains that she used to date Rendell's best high school friend, Lucas, which Nina finds odd having never been mentioned by Rendell.

Bode takes his new-found key and tries it on various locks throughout the house with no success. He decides to test the key outside on the shed when he runs into Rufus, Ellie's son, and one of the properties groundskeepers. After some discussion on weaponry, Rufus equips Bode with a bear trap from the shed to use in his hunt for the echo woman.

In a small-town diner somewhere, we find the echo woman binge eating everything in sight before using the anywhere key on the restroom door to skip out on the check. She transports herself to various locations, stealing new clothing and expensive jewelry. After meeting a young man in a night club and ending up in bed, the well lady chokes the young man to death for no obvious reason.

Kinsey is upset when Tyler stands her up at lunch for his friends, but Scot Cavnedish shows up to offer his apologies for distressing her the night before. He describes the plot of a short film that him and the rest of the "Savini Squad" are working on called, The Splattering (although Scot maintains it should be called The Spattering), and invites Kinsey to join them on set later.

While visiting the school, Nina is introduced to the 11th-grade dean, Joe Ridgeway (Steven Williams - The Blues Brothers, Jason Goes To Hell) who advises her he believes Tyler is a bright kid, albeit quiet, and that he will look out for him. Joe explains that Tyler reminds him a lot of his father Rendell, whom he also taught at the academy. Nina questions Joe about some of the friends in the photograph she found, and he explains they were very close and it was "such a tragedy what happened to them," but has to return to class before he can finish the story.

Tyler flashes back to a meeting with his dad Rendell, working as a guidance counselor at Tyler's old school. Rendell explains about about a boy named Sam Lesser that could use some help socially, and tells Tyler to watch after him.

At the local hardware store, Bode asks the store clerk (none other than Tom Savini himself) about his magical key and asks him if he has any that are similar. While searching on the shelves behind the counter, Bode notices a small key hole on the back of the clerk's neck. Before he has a chance to insert his magical key, the clerk turns around and gives Bode a jar full of other skeleton keys, but none nearly as remarkable. While Nina is looking around the store, she comes across a hammer which triggers a flash back of her killing her husband's murderer with the same type of tool.

Back at Key House, Ellie arrives to pick up her son Rufus who is finishing up his yard work. Nina mentions her conversation with the dean earlier, and asks her what tragedy he was referring to. Ellie explains that at that after their graduation there was a drowning accident that cost the lives of three of their friends. Nina is shocked and saddened, but still can't understand why Rendell never mentioned any of it to her.

After some struggles, Bode sets the giant bear trap in his room in an attempt to catch the echo woman. He hides the trap under a blue blanket and uses one of the generic keys from the hardware store as a form of bait. He begins to notice that when he brings the brain key close to his own neck, a key hole appears exactly like the one on the man at the hardware store.

Bode is laying in bed when the door opens and the echo woman enters his room. She begins to tell him about her travels, but cuts herself off when she notices a skeleton key resting neatly atop a blue blanket at the other end of the room. She reaches for the key and we hear the bear trap engage, but she turns around revealing the only thing the trap caught was the head of the teddy bear she won at the carnival.

The echo lady demands that Bode continue to look for more keys and hand them over as he finds them, and when Bode asks why he would do such a thing she begins to choke him and explains the next time she comes back, "she won't be so nice," before using the anywhere key on the bedroom door and vanishing.

Kinsey joins Scot and his friends on the scene of "The Splattering", and even attempts to shoot a scene after the main actress quits in protest of all the blood. Despite her best efforts, Kinsey cracks under the pressure and suffers another traumatizing flashback to her father's murder.

Duncan joins Nina for dinner, and she questions him about the drowning of Rendell's friend, Lucas. Duncan claims no memory of the incident, which Nina finds hard to believe. Duncan admits that he doesn't know why he doesn't remember, and that it's like that entire time period has just been erased.

Kinsey arrives home covered in fake blood, and we once again flashback to a memory of her father. This memory is a little less traumatizing, however, and we see him give her a gold bracelet to celebrate her middle school graduation, the same bracelet Bode found the anywhere key hidden inside. When Kinsey asks him why he never talks about his family, he explains they "went in different directions" and that "you guys are all the family I need."

Bode musters up the courage to try the brain key on his own neck, and when he does he finds himself waking up in the exact same room - but looking at himself with the key in his neck. He notices a large wooden trunk now sitting in his room, and Bode opens it to look inside.

After arriving home, Kinsey and Tyler notice Bode standing strangely in his room, but when they walk in to check on him the real Bode appears from inside the large wooden trunk alongside flashing lights and carnival noises and asks them to follow.


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