'Children Of The Corn' Remake Underway

Numerous outlets are reporting that a new remake of Stephen King's Children Of The Corn is underway and currently being filmed in Australia. The Hollywood Reporter was the first the report the news, and mentioned that producer Lucas Foster and director Kurt Wimmer are involved in the project. They have apparently secured an exemption and have been allowed to continue filming despite Australia's lock down orders.

Originally penned by King for the 1977 issue of Penthouse magazine and later released in his 1978 short story collection, Night Shift, Children Of The Corn continues to be one of his most short stories. The original 1984 film has been followed up with eight far less popular sequels and a direct-to-TV remake which aired on SyFy in 2009.

"A boy preacher named Isaac goes to Gatlin, Nebraska and gets all the children to murder every adult in town. A young couple on a road trip stop in Gatlin to report a murder and seek help, but the town seems deserted. They are soon trapped in Gatlin with little chance of getting out alive." - IMDb


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